Keys to Leadership


Keys to Leadership - Drivers of success for leaders in Russia

A joint research project of Psycon and Boyden Russia was launched in 2013 to explore the leadership models triggering (driving) successful business in modern Russia. 

A group of selected business leaders from multinational and Russian companies agreed to support this project and took part in our survey (an on-line questionnaire developed by Psycon). Their contribution has brought value not only to the results of the research but also to a better understanding of Russian business environment with business leaders in Russia and around the world.

Our final report based on the research results provides you with an insight allowing to understand leadership models in current Russia. Are there any peculiarities of successful leadership in Russia or not?  That's what we are going to explore.  

Focus groups for this research consisted of:

  • Russian managers from international companies
  • Russian managers from Russian companies
  • Expats from Russian companies
  • Expats from multinational companies in Russia

We would like to thank everyone who participated in this projects and hope that you will find our findings interesting and useful.

For more information, please, contact:

Ekaterina Nadina
+7 812 440 89 69