Below you’ll see some of the job vacancies currently on offer by our clients. Check out the jobs through the links below, and submit your job application.
Job Company Final apply date
Aluepäällikkö UFF 10.11.2019
Talent Acquisition Consultant Dream Broker 10.11.2019
Account Executive Dream Broker 10.11.2019
Technical Coordinator Fennovoima Oy 04.11.2019
Project Manager, Airlocks, Nuclear Island Fennovoima Oy 04.11.2019
Project Engineer, Plant Coding System Fennovoima Oy 04.11.2019
Project Engineer, As-Built and Final Documentation Fennovoima Oy 04.11.2019
Nuclear Safety or Licensing Specialist Fennovoima Oy 04.11.2019
Digimanager Y-Säätiö 03.11.2019
Avoin hakemus, konsultti Psycon Oy
Avoin hakemus, henkilöarviointiassistentti Psycon Oy
Open application Fennovoima