Do you remember how long the summer holiday seemed to last when you were a child? So long that in August you already wanted school to begin soon.

The sense of time is different as a child, and as an adult, you notice that time is flying by at such an accelerating rate that it is difficult to keep up with it. On the other hand, as a child you had the wonderful skill of being thrilled about the things to come. In other words, waiting impatiently for something to happen.

This fall, when I returned to work from holiday, I remembered when I started school. I had a glorious start to my school career: on my first day at school, I accidentally ended up being interviewed by the local newspaper. There was a big photo on the front page of Kangasalan Sanomat, and the headline said "Riikka's wish comes true – school is starting". I think that the seven-year-old little girl thrilled to start school, who sharpened her pencils and packed her pencil case and handkerchiefs in her backpack well in advance on the previous week, still lives inside me. And then you just can't wait for everything wonderful to begin: both new adventures and ordinary everyday life with its routines and all.

This fall, I have noticed that I miss this thrill, but what have I not done or done differently as I lack the thrill?

In expert work, the boundary between work and leisure is often vague. Working hours are often not tied to the clock, but on the actual work. When your work demands, you stretch, and balance out the hours at a suitable time. The same flexibility can also be seen during holidays, when your first week of holiday can still be spent on completing the last threads of a project, and the last week of your holiday on getting started a little. You return to work almost by stealth, and when you actually go back to work, everything is already underway.

You have not had the time to wait and get excited!

Well, this is exactly what happened to me. I did not begin working against my will towards the end of my summer holiday. I was in good spirits. Work is flexible, and certainly I like being needed and wanted: it is nice to come back to work when people are already waiting for me. However, the rituals for starting up the routines remained a little incomplete, and I did not have time to plan for the fall and build my excitement. So now I wonder why everyday life and its routines have not carried me away and why there is nothing to wait for. Actually, everything fun is already underway, but I missed the anticipation phase. Things will surely get rolling this way, too, but with a clearly longer pattern and in a duller way.

I will not let myself make the same mistake again. If my own orientation to work is most rewarding when I am excited, next year I will remember to put aside some time for this – one day is enough before starting. On that day, I will think about what I want to do and realize next. What do I want to develop in? What could be this fall's project? What will I find about? Who do I want to get to know better? And that's it: I'm excited!