For those who have a summer job, who've already had their vacation, who haven't been in work long enough to be eligible for days off, this post is for you.

At this stage of summer, some of my colleagues have already started their summer vacation; others are counting the days for the start of theirs. But the wheels still need to turn and to make that possible, there are always those who have to spend their sunny summer days holed up in the office.

Summertime is fun time, and even work can be more fun in summer. Throughout the long dark winter, we trundle along the well-worn paths of our everyday routines.  In summer, we can challenge those routines and do things differently. Here are five reasons why it's fun to come to work in summer:

  1. There are more hours of daylight.
    Even if you are a sleepy head like me, it's great to wake up with sunlight streaming into the bedroom before the alarm clock goes off and to start the day full of get up and go. Even better is ending your work day and still be full of energy. The day is so long that it is possible to see light and have a great work day as well as active and enjoyable free time.  This is just not possible in the cold and dark of winter.  
  2. An early morning swim in a lake
    Need I say more?
  3. It's just so much more fun to come to work by bike.
    I am not so hardcore that I would get suited up in all-weather gear to go biking in the cold and sleet. But on a summer morning with the birds singing there really is no excuse. Except if it starts sleeting, that is. 
  4. Finding summery places for lunch
    One of the highlights of a summer work day is having lunch at the market place: either getting sunburnt or then huddling under a sunshade sheltering from the rain. And all around there are people enjoying their day off. Tourists. Strawberries. Seagulls. Summer life.
  5. Managing your work time better
    As everyone else is on vacation, you can structure and manage your own time more easily during the working day. Meetings etc. do not rule your day and impose their own timetable disrupting your efficient use of time. There are less emails and phone calls to deal with. For the above reasons, it is also more likely that you are able to complete your work during normal working hours and there is no need to work in the evening.  The call of "summer pastures" can also increase efficiency; you might want to speed up your work to get out and enjoy summer even if it’s just for the evening.  

If  we really need to say something negative about working in summer then it is of course that you miss your workmates, but if the weather's good, you can try and tempt them to join for a lunch al fresco. If you do have to go out for lunch on your own however, while you're eating you can think up your own list of five things that you can do differently during summer and what to enjoy when working in summer.