My independent learning has recently focused on the tools and methods of inbound marketing for a variety of reasons.

I began to think that this inbound approach is not often used in recruitment marketing. I immediately came up with a few perspectives from which something new could be introduced to recruitment and in building the employer image.

Does the job applicant travel in the purchase process?

Sales and marketing already quite often utilize the modeling of buyer personalities and the purchasing process to support marketing and communications measures. Many organizations have certainly specified the target groups of recruitment activities in detail, but could a job applicant actually be treated like a customer? From the point of view of building the long-term employer image, effective communications take into account the phase of the "job purchase process" in which the applicants are and what kind of content they wish for at each time. Long-term commitment is an asset in a time when advertising alone will not provide the desired result.

A job applicant is a lead, too

Is a job applicant deemed to be a customer that you are already interested in before the purchase phase?  I would say not frequently.

I thought about my own job application experience. I have been interested in certain organizations during my career, even though they might not have ever had any vacancies specifically suitable for me. What if there sometimes were? I follow up the operation of these organizations on the Web, social media and news. To my mind, the products and services of these organizations are such that I would like to take part in related marketing and communications. Do these organizations know that I am interested in them? I don't think so! Why not? Where are registers of potential for recruitment purposes? Everyone already has CRM, but who has a register of job applicants' potential, with the most important contacts in it treated as customers? Who is responsible for them, and what kind of dialogue is there with them?

Everyone already has CRM, but who has a register of job applicants' potential, with the most important contacts in it treated as customers?

I savor the thought that one day job applicants will be thought of more as customers than at present. An applicant who has proceeded to submitting an application is quite a hot lead. Organizations that accept open applications receive contact information about potential candidates every day, but where do they end up, how are they utilized? Of course, not everyone is a potential candidate with whom continuous dialog is desired in the first place, but at least my personal experience of open applications is like shouting into the void.                                                                              

Content marketing and optimization

An organization's functional content marketing supports the building of the employer image, but a bold one takes one step further from content. Staying visible to potential applicants requires investment even before there are suitable vacancies. Utilizing search engine optimization, the identification of potential and continuous development also make it possible to build employer image marketing paths that support recruitment both now and in the future. Technology does allow the management and systematic building of the job applicant experience in a similar way to the customer experience, so why can't these measures be adopted in recruitment marketing as well?