Sometimes it is frustrating to see how difficult it is to make changes, even if everybody knows what to do. Climate change mitigation is a good example. There are a number of exhaustive reports available, but still the process moves forward sluggishly. Similar examples can be found in every workplace. In your personal life, it is very clear what you need to keep one's weight under control – a balanced diet and plenty of exercise. But no matter how good the idea for the solution, the change doesn’t always happen.


An idea for a solution changes nothing

Coming up with ideas for solutions can be addictive because it gives you the feeling of being right. When you identify a problem and find a solution for it, you get pleasure out of it and feel that you are capable. You can see something others cannot. Sometimes, this euphoria means idealistic driving force and passion to implement the change. But it can also lead to false satisfaction. Problems rarely exist because they have not been identified or because there is no solution for them; rather, the solution has not been put into practice. The person who comes up with a great idea should be humble enough to see that being right is irrelevant. Only actions matter.

In the field of startup financing, there is an expression that a good idea is worth a penny. The builder of a business idea and prototype is only starting their path, even if they do not understand that yet. The value of a company comes from its ability to turn ideas into business.

Value comes from change

An idea challenges us consultants because we are in the idea-building business. If we only offer a description of the current state or targets, it is only worth a penny. Giving recommendations on what the customer should do offers a little more value. The value rises high only when we help the customer to implement the change.

This is the best way, but it’s not common. Even though it is much more difficult to implement a change than it is to plan one, the planning process is more likely to be carried out using outside help. This is absurd. Would you rather ask for help to carry out a simple task or a difficult task in your personal life?